May 11, 2007

Where's Jo?

Well I dropped off from blogging again, being too busy to take the time and compose something nice for you to read. I've been working at the kids school too many hours to add them up. We have to take down my beloved library to make space for a new classroom next year. It's been fun to learn more about the teachers the kids will most likely have next fall. It feels good to know that what I am doing really is helping out the school and it is appreciated.

So I started a pottery class, throwing clay on a wheel is far from being easy but boy is it ever fun. It's like a class for adults permitting you to play with mud. lol! The bowl above was not a keeper, I have made a few that I will start glazing/painting next week though. Even though I still have half the session left, I am already sad to think that it will end soon enough. I am SO taking another class in the fall though, hopefully we will have the same teacher too. :)

I talked about knitting at last week's pottery class and showed off my handknit socks. I learned that my teacher tried knitting socks once but got confused with the dpns. It got me thinking that a nice gift for her at the end of our session would be handknit socks. Went to see Ginette at Effiloché and I chose the colorway closest to terra cotta that I could find. Sorta of a little joke about red clay (although I used using white). I cast on the Monkey socks pattern with Fleece Artist Sea Wool, sadly I am not smelling any sea-like scent with this yarn. ;)

I'm really into socks these days, as I finished a Fleece Artist sock (this time just the merino yarn) and this is my current carry-along project. I really like the colourway, makes me think of when Carl and I were in Nova Scotia. What I'd give to go back again...

Last month we went to the Gem, Mineral and Fossil show with Lucas and here you can see he is deeply concentrated at polishing his own gem. I think it took a half-hour for him to finish but boy was he proud. He was really excited to show it off in class the next day, also at the show he walked out with many freebie 'rocks' that vendors gave to small kids with a big smile. LOL! Next year I am planning on saving up before the show, there were so many beautiful gems to buy.

Well times up, I have to get back to school yet again. Have a nice weekend and wishing a lovely Mother's day to all the moms out there!

Posted by Jo at May 11, 2007 02:24 PM